This is a tiny structure I built quite a while ago, using reclaimed materials I found in the garbage or bought cheap off Kijiji. At this point, I had very little experience in building and built the tiny house  mostly for fun and as a learning project. There was no one main intent for this structure, I just designed something that could be flexible for multiple functions. I sized it to perfectly fit a single size air mattress so you can sleep in it but with the canopy and shelf it could also be a kiosk.


Over the years I would collect wood from where ever and when ever I could. Usually I would find wood in garbage bins and build up my inventory. I didn't have a plan on what I would do with all the wood but it's hard to see good material go to waste; I just knew I would make something out of all of it, so I kept collecting. 

A lot of the times the wood is riddled with nails and screws and in rough condition, but sometimes the wood is pretty much new and beautiful lumber.

Once I finished the long, tedious task of processing all the wood by removing all the nails, screws, staples etc. and sanding them smooth, I started laying out the footprint of the structure. I sized it to be able to comfortably sleep an adult, so the base size is 4'x7". 

It always amazes me how these old, beaten and weathered fence boards were cleaned up to become beautiful hardwood floors. We just power sanded through everything with a belt sander starting at 60 grit and working our way up to 180 grit, giving them a fresh face! 

For the exterior, I used a rain screen which means the exterior cladding is attached to vertical strips instead of directly to the structure. This allows air flow behind it. With the weather barrier and nice air flow there should be no problem with moisture. 


The tiny house ended up being made out of roughly 75% reclaimed materials and costing around $150 to build. I got about 95% finished before getting too busy with other things and then eventually sold it for $300 dollars to a neighbour.