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wabi sab-e, wabi sabi, elliot and hannah, farmhouse restoration

Join us along our fun and exciting journey into restoring a 100+ year old farmhouse, one room at a time in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada.  Hopefully we'll be able to inspire you and also teach you a thing or two along the way! :)   


If you like us and what we do so much that you want to support us in any way, that's awesome, thank you!  There's a couple ways that really help...

Liking, commenting and sharing our videos helps so much and really drives this channels growth. So share us with anyone and everyone you can think of. Sharing really is caring!


You can support us on                 and in return you'll get a care package with Wabi Sab-E stickers and a hand written postcard. You will also get exclusive access to behind the scenes vlogs and other random, fun videos we’ll post there.

Last but not least, we designed  and made super awesome, extra comfy work/leisure gear. You'll look fantastic in it during any activity and each purchase also helps support us!

Double whammy :) 


Have a question or just want to say Hi?

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