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My sister and her family were visiting from Ontario and we wanted to make their stay extra special, so the dreary and outdated rooms weren't going to cut it. We had a deadline so we powered through restoring the 3 bedrooms and we were just about able to finish before they arrived.

We were able to restore these bedrooms relatively cheap... The costs included a couple gallons of paint, a jar of stain, sealer, the drum sander rental and lots of sandpaper, thats pretty much it. The bulk of the cost was the drum sander rental which was around $150 with sandpaper. However that money was stretched between all the rooms and the hallway which we were able to get done during our rental time (Note: you can usually rent tools over the weekend for the cost of just 1 day). I would say the total for all the rooms cost between $400-$500 to restore. The bedroom restorations were very minimal but the transformations are dramatic with just a fresh coat of paint and refinished floors. 

This is my most favourite bedroom. It gets a really soft morning sun and always feels very light and airy but at the same time very cozy, perfect for relaxing :). It also has one of the best views out over the hay fields and forest. 

This bedroom gets the afternoon sun and has a view of the distant town. It's about the same size and has the same shape of bedroom 1 but somehow has a very different feel. All the furniture was reclaimed from either the garbage or kijiji and some pieces we refinished. The hanging lamp is actually a $3 bowl we got from the dollar store. 

One of the simplest and smallest restoration projects of the house. It was a great stepping stone to tackle before going to more challenging projects. All we did was remove the laminate flooring, refinish the original flooring and paint the heating register. 

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